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"We've defused tantrums since having these in our home. I haven't connected with him this strong EVER! We work together now when it comes to his emotional needs and I can tell he feels closer to me, which is so important to me as a single mum." - Tynaya

"We set up our Peaceful Place and I introduced it to my two girls aged 4 and 6. I received news today of a friend of mine passing away. It was the first time I haven't hid my emotions from the girls and openly cried in front of them and explained why I was crying. Later in the evening my 4 year old took my hand and led me over to the peaceful place. She pointed to sad and upset. She then asked me if I would like to count to ten and have a hug; she also handed me a tissue. I was amazed. I am so grateful for these resources. Thank you!" - Michelle

"I am blown away by how quickly my 3 year old has understood how to use her peaceful place. The calming strategies have been a game changer for us during those emotional times. Especially because she is still learning to verbally communicate." - Shannon 

My daughter absolutely loves the positive affirmation cards. She loves hearing me read them out to her. She really knows the cards are about her. It was amazing just to see her respond to it so fast. I didn't realize how much she actually understands."- Hannah

"They've been great resources for me too! I show Norah what I'm feeling and that I get overwhelmed just like her and that's okay too. It has really made mine and my husband's parenting journey together so much better!" - Tamara

"I am blown away by how much my 3.5 year old has been interested in looking at the cards! He has been pulling out the cards and identifying faces and copying the faces himself. Over the weekend he started using the emotions as prompts and telling me all sorts of stories about what he has been through in the last little while and how it felt. He even pulled up a memory from when he was 18 months old and had to ride in the ambulance!" - Nadine

"My daughter loves pointing out how she's feelings throughout the day. I can't believe how quickly she's picked up on it!" Nicole

"My children love having their peaceful place to go to when they need some time to reflect, calm down and talk about their emotions. Such a beautiful resource!" - Karen

"We have been using one of your beautiful packs. My 4 year old is going through a rough period. I snapped yesterday and he said to me, "next time you should try and breathe." This was such a breakthrough in recognition to the conversations we have been having on handling emotions. I just want to let you know what a huge difference you've made for our family." Danique

"I use the cards at my work as a therapist with the kids I see and they love it! The cards have come to the rescue so many times and it's so cool to see young people reconnecting with what they are feeling and being able to express themselves more effectively and compassionately!" - Caitlin