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My Feelings Poster (Digital)
My Feelings Poster (Digital)
My Feelings Poster (Digital)
My Feelings Poster (Digital)

My Feelings Poster (Digital)

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The My Feelings Poster can help your child learn to identify, label and understand their feelings.

Included in The Peaceful Place pack, The My Feelings Poster: 

- Designed to support you in teaching your child to become emotionally self-aware, the foundation for developing other emotional intelligence skills. 

- Depicts 32 different feelings arranged into four coloured groups representing a mood meter. 

As your child learns each emotion, what it looks like and what it feels like, they will be on their way to understanding what causes these emotions, how it impacts them and others and what they can do to leverage these emotions. Isn’t that incredible? It’s never too early to start teaching your child about feelings, so why not start today?  

Suitable for children aged 2-10


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