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My Feelings Cards
My Feelings Cards

My Feelings Cards

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Make learning about feelings fun and interactive with the My Feelings cards.

With the my feelings cards your child can learn to understand 16 basic emotions, what they are called, what they look like and how they feel in their body.

Included in The Peaceful Place Pack, each set of My Feeling Cards include:

- 32 cards (16 feelings x2) 4 feelings from the 4 different colour categories

- 60x82mm cards printed on matt laminated card, making these cards durable and long lasting

- Each set comes in a hinge lid cardboard box, perfect for storing so no cards go missing!

Playing is learning! So get creative with your little one and play games like memory, snap or guess who, you could even use a mirror and see who can mimic the faces the best. 

**PLEASE NOTE: Bilingual cards do not have English and Te Reo Māori on the same card. It is a deck of 32 cards- 16 English cards and 16 Te Reo Māori Cards.**

Suitable for children aged 2-10.